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Permanent brows

AHS Approved. Licensed. Certified. Insured.

At Brilliance Brow Studio, you're in good hands. We offer multiple techniques to achieve the perfect brow for you. All techniques are considered permanent tattoos, however we do expect a degree of fading over time due to normal activities such as exfoliation, sweat, and sun exposure.

Microblading/Nano is the art of implanting pigment into the upper layers of the skin using a one time-use tool or machine to mimic brow hairs. The "Natural" look. 

Powder Brows are completed using a machine which deposits pigment into the upper layers of the skin for a bolder brow via layers of shaded color. The full "Make-up" look. 

Combo/Hybrid Brows are a combination of hairstrokes in the front and shading in the tail, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Permanent Makeup is a great option if you suffer from Alopecia, Trichotillomania, are a cancer survivor, or have trouble with patchy, uneven or thin brows. It enhances your existing brows by adding depth, color, and a defined shape that looks natural.

Brilliance is highly trained in both natural-looking and bold, glamorous brows - giving you the freedom to choose the look that suits you and your lifestyle best.

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Meet Your Permanent Brow Specialist

Cheryl Beale is an experienced, internationally certified, licensed and AHS-approved PMU Specialist who has been perfecting the art of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing since 2016. Cheryl is highly regarded in Calgary for her superior customer-service and attention to detail - clients from all over Western Canada agree that Brilliance Brow Studio is devoted to ensuring you leave with a perfect set of brows!

In order to maintain a high standard of service for each client, Cheryl takes a limited number of appointments each month. 

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What are the pros?

Minimal discomfort
Minimal downtime
Suitable for most skin types
Competitive pricing
Low Maintenance
Beach, gym and hike proof

Does it hurt?

We use a two-stage topical freezing process to make your session as comfortable as possible. You may feel some minor discomfort but it will subside as soon as the session is over. We promise, it is worse in your imagination! Some clients are so comfortable that they fall asleep. 

Keep in mind: Coffee and alcohol will increase sensitivity. 

What are the risks?

As with any invasive cosmetic procedure which involves the skin, the biggest risk is infection. Pre-procedure tools  are disinfected before and after use and microblades/shading needles come in sterilized packages and are one-time use only. 

Other risks include: allergic reactions to nickle, the numbing cream, or the pigment. 

What is the downtime?

You can expect the area to feel a bit like a sunburn that night. Over the next 2 weeks you will notice that the brows form a protective layer over each stroke, which will fall off naturally as part of the healing process. You cannot submerge the brows in water, apply makeup on or around them, remove the protective layer or sweat heavily into the brows during this time.

How long does it last?

The longevity of your permanent makeup will depend on 3 things: Cheryl's skills, your skin type, and lifestyle. Skin type plays the biggest role - the more oily you are, the softer your results will be and you may require touch ups more frequently. Dry skin is best, as color will remain crisp and last twice as long. 1-2 years is standard for everyone. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a tattoo. While we expect permanent makeup to lighten and fade over time due to sun exposure, exfoliation and sweat, it may never completely disappear for some people. 

Who is not a good candidate?

Permanent brow makeup is not for everyone, unfortunately. You may experience less than ideal results if you:

  • Have oily skin and large pores

  • Have thick, coarse brow hair

  • Have ruddy undertones (characterized by warm cheeks, red noses and blotchiness typically seen in some red heads and blondes)

  • Have mature skin/deep wrinkles in the forehead

  • Have extremely sun damaged skin

PLEASE NOTE: If you meet two or more of these criteria we do not recommend permanent brow makeup. 

What are the contraindications?


Large pores/oily skin

Mature skin/lots of wrinkles in the forehead

Ruddy undertones


Any viral infection, or;

Currently on a course of antibiotics. You must complete the course before your appointment.


Diabetes (must be under control)

Auto-Immune Disease

Keloid Scars

Psoriasis, rashes, acne


Pregnancy/breast feeding


Excessive sun damage

Botox in the forehead in the last 4 weeks

Accutane in the last 12 months

Retin creams in the last 3 months

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Price List

Wake Up With Makeup!

Prices and availability are subject to change at any time without notice.

The Natural Brow

2 Hours - $500
3 Month Touch Up - $100

Hairstrokes only. We map and draw, apply freezing, microblade, and go over your aftercare in detail. The perfect transition to go from "barely there" to "brows!". 


  • Dry Skin

  • Little to no brow hair

  • The Natural Look

The Combo Brow 

2.5 Hours - $550
3 Month Touch Up - $100


Stunning color added between the strokes in the arch and tails for a darker, more defined "ombre" look while still maintaining hairstrokes in the front or throughout. 


  • All Skin Types

  • The Subtle Makeup Look

The Powder Brow

2.5 Hours - $600
3 Month Touch Up - $100

Love the look of a glam brow and wish it didn't take half an hour in the morning to put on? Powder brows are completed with a machine to create a more color-intense, make up look with an ombre effect at the front.


  • All skin types, especially oily

  • The All Dolled-Up Look

Annual Touch Up

3 - 12 Months - $300

Color and shape refresh between 3-12 months from your last appointment.

Legacy Touch Up

12 - 24 Months - $350

Color and shape refresh between 12-24 months since your last appointment.

Full Brow Service

2+ years

Returning clients coming back 2+ years after their last appointment will pay the full service rate that is posted at the time of booking.

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Service Policies

dotting our i's and crossing our t's

Booking & Payment

In order to confirm your appointment we require a non-refundable $50 booking fee via etransfer. This amount comes off your total and ensures that all prep work is covered in the event of a cancellation.


If you are unhappy with your service for whatever reason we will work with you to find a solution, however we do not offer refunds.


If you need to reschedule your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice and we will transfer your booking fee. Rescheduling an appointment within 24 hours will require a new booking fee. 

Ensure you are on time for your appointment - if you are going to be late, please call or text. After 15 minutes we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment. No Shows will be required to pay another booking fee if they want to re-book. 

If you want to outright cancel your appointment at any time, the booking fee is non-refundable.


Due to insurance liability we are not permitted to perform tattoo services on anyone under the age of 18. Proof of age may be requested at the time of appointment. 

In order to give you the best possible customer service and to maintain health and safety standards, we do not allow spectators to accompany you to your session. Please plan ahead with a sitter for your little one/s.

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Get excited!


Reviewed all the information and are confident you meet all the criteria for a good candidate? 

Contact Cheryl at to receive a Welcome Email to get you started. 


  • No tanning or sunburns on the brow area 2 weeks prior

  • All blood thinners/Omegas should be stopped (with physicians consent) 1 week prior

  • No waxing, tinting, sugaring or threading of the brows 3 days prior

  • Alcohol and caffeine must be avoided 24 hours prior

  • Come with your normal brow makeup on - it serves as inspiration


  • Avoid sunburns or tans for 4 weeks

  • Avoid submersion in water for 14 days

  • Avoid sweat and dirt until healed

  • Avoid all lotions, exfoliants, & makeup until healed.

More specific after care instructions will be provided on the day of your appointment.

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"Cheryl provided fabulous, compassionate care! The treatment and after care were well explained and the studio was clean and professional. I would highly recommend Brilliance By Beale!"

Kalie R.

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Hours of Operation

Located in Lynnwood, SE Calgary

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - Evening Appointment
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Friday - Evening Appointment
Saturday - Open All Day
Sunday - CLOSED

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